Amsel Clinic: guarantees health, beauty and well-being!

We are a private clinic located in Viimsi, where we offer plastic and general surgery services. Our team consists of dedicated and internationally valued specialists. We have created a private, comfortable and safe treatment environment in which you can find a quick and appropriate solution to your concerns.

“Yes, after an alarming abdominal pain, I was diagnosed with EMOS gallstones,” says Jana. “I was informed that despite the pain, emergency surgery is not necessary. I was prescribed painkillers and sent home. The pains were anything but minor. I couldn’t work – I suffered from pain, vomiting and nausea. Amseli Clinic surgeons came to the rescue, and after a quick consultation, we agreed on an operation time suitable for me. The biggest plus was the aspect that I got help quickly, at a time that suited me, and at the hands of the best specialists. On the agreed day, the operation was performed laparoscopically through the holes made in the abdominal cavity, and already in the afternoon I was able to go home to recover. If you also need a surgical approach and want the best for your health, I dare to recommend Amsel Clinic specialists,” Jana shares her experience.

Amsel Clinic’s general surgeons provide healthcare services that affect many patients but are not prioritized in mainstream healthcare, such as hernia, gallbladder and thyroid surgery. Considered simple and routine, these operations are often delegated to younger colleagues learning the trade. At Amsel Clinic, we value all surgical services and we understand that for a patient, every encounter with surgery is a special and unique personal experience. It is understandable to expect to be operated on by an attentive and dedicated surgeon, well and safely. Our waiting times for consultations and cuts are short. We know very well that our patients know how to value their time and want to avoid months-long queues for treatment.

Dr. Jaan Kirss Jr., Dr. Eva-Maria Kersalu and Dr. Ilmar Kaur treat our patients in general surgery. The Amsel Clinic team approaches the patient personally, whether it is a minor or a major operation – every patient is important to us! The goal is to provide top-level surgery in a safe and comfortable treatment environment where every patient feels cared for!

In addition to general surgery, we offer plastic surgery after major weight loss, the goal of which is to restore a pleasant figure and take a step towards the body of your dreams.

Plastic surgeries are performed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Maria Järve. Amsel Clinic patients appreciate Dr. Järve’s professional hand, openness and honesty in expectations related to surgery. Dr. Järve says: “In my work, I seek a natural, aesthetically beautiful result that is consistent with the patient’s body proportions. Whether it is body contouring or breast surgery – our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied and happy with your appearance. We all have the right to feel good in our bodies and the opportunity to make decisions to change the current reality”. The Amsel Clinic team is dedicated to restoring your well-being, health and aesthetic appearance. We are here to support you on your journey to a better and healthier you.