Thigh plastic


General anesthesia

Length of operation

1-2 hours

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Thighplasty is a surgical procedure in which excess skin and fatty tissue are removed from the thighs with the aim of restoring the natural beauty and aesthetic proportions of the thighs. As a rule, the skin incision is made on the inner and back surface of the thigh.

Liposuction is often performed at the same time as excess skin is removed.

Thigh plastic scars cannot be completely hidden, but a good aesthetic result can be achieved with a correctly selected incision line and cosmetic intradermal, or hidden wound sutures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recovery time depends on the extent of the procedure and individual factors, but for many patients, normal life resumes within 2-3 weeks after surgery.

Yes, scars will remain on the body after thigh plastic surgery, but they will become lighter and softer over time. The surgeon makes cuts and stitches the wounds in such a way that the scars remain as unobtrusive as possible.

It is possible and often done.