Preparing for surgery


  1. There should be no acute viral diseases, active inflammation, acute allergic reaction, fever, etc. when you come to the surgery. Please inform the surgeon of any comorbidities and other health information at the pre-operative consultation. Please inform the clinic immediately of any new health concerns that arise while you are waiting for surgery.
  2. One of the prerequisites for safe general anaesthesia is an empty stomach. For this reason, you should not eat solid food or drink opaque liquids (milk, juice) 6 hours before the operation. Clear liquids such as water, black coffee, tea or apple juice can be drunk up to 2 hours before surgery.
  3. Unless advised otherwise by the doctor who has consulted you, take your prescribed medicines regularly until the day of your operation. You can take your medicines at least 2 hours before your operation with a small sip of water.
  4. Take your medicines to the hospital.
  5. Blood thinners (including aspirin) should be stopped well before surgery (usually 2-5 days depending on the treatment) as they increase the risk of bleeding. Oral preparations may be replaced by injectable preparations if necessary, at your surgeon’s discretion. Be sure to tell your surgeon about any medicines you are taking!
  6. Smoking impairs wound healing and increases the risk of bleeding. We recommend that you quit smoking well before the operation. Don’t smoke on the day of surgery.
  7. We recommend that blood tests are given 1-2 weeks before surgery to allow time for evaluation and, if necessary, to plan further tests or treatment.
  8. If you have had unpleasant experiences with previous anaesthesia (e.g. severe nausea and vomiting), tell your surgeon and anaesthetist before the operation.
  9. Driving for 24 hours after anaesthesia is not allowed. If necessary, ask a family member or acquaintance to drive you home or use public transport.
  10. Female patients of childbearing age are asked to make sure they are not pregnant on the day of surgery. If necessary, we recommend you take a home pregnancy test before coming to the hospital.
  11. Under general anaesthesia, before the operation, we ask you to remove jewellery: earrings, rings, pins. We recommend that you leave your jewellery and valuables at home. If the jewel can’t be removed, the operation won’t be cancelled, but be sure to tell your surgeon. Also, remove loose dentures.
  12. Bring your own personal hygiene equipment. We recommend that you bring comfortable clothes for the drive.
  13. Take a shower on the morning of your surgery
  14. On the day of surgery, do not use make-up, perfume or lotions.
  15. Secure loose hair with a hair tie.
  1. Remove your glasses and contact lenses before entering the operating room.
  2. If you use a CPAP mask for sleep apnoea, take it with you to the hospital.