Removal of umbilical hernia

I was suffering from an umbilical hernia for a long time, I was also in the queue of the Health Insurance Fund to have it surgically removed, but no one knew how long the waiting time would be or who would operate on me. I couldn’t exercise for almost 5 months because the hernia causes extreme discomfort and pain. I also did not dare to travel for fear that the situation would get worse again while I was traveling.

I quickly got a solution to my problem at Amsel Clinic. In addition, I got in good contact with my surgeon, who explained everything at length and to the point. I chose the day of the operation myself, went to the clinic in the morning and returned to my bed to recover in the evening. Dr. Kirss called the next morning and asked how I was doing. Great care and utmost professionalism from the Amsel Clinic team, thank you!