If you are looking for a quick and professional solution to your health concerns, we look forward to your consultation at the Amsel Clinic.

Surgical treatment begins with the preparation of a treatment plan. For this, the surgeon needs information about the nature of your problem, related complaints and your expectations. The surgeon will introduce you to the various treatment options, their benefits and features. As a result of the consultation, a suitable solution for you will be agreed upon, as well as the next steps, either in the form of arranging an operation time or performing additional examinations.

When coming to the consultation, the surgeon first listens to the reason for your visit. The surgeon will ask you clarifying questions about your health history, co-morbidities and medications. In order to make a treatment plan for plastic and hernia surgery, an on-site surgical examination is usually required. A telephone or video consultation is sufficient before thyroid and gallbladder operations.

It is important that you feel good and comfortable during the consultation. Preparing for the conversation will help you talk more freely and precisely about the problems and expectations that prompted you to turn to our surgeons. You can find information about the operation of interest on our website. There, the nature of the procedure is explained in more detail, possible complications are outlined, and post-operative instructions are given. It is useful to write down questions and topics about which you definitely want information. That way, they will definitely be discussed with the surgeon.

Our surgeons’ consultations are comprehensive and last up to 60 minutes