Jaan Kirss Jr, MD, PhD

Amsel Clinic general surgeon

Dr. Jaan Kirss Jr. was born in 1985. When asked what inspires him the most about his work as a surgeon, Dr. Kirss Jr. answers that the first thing that inspires him is the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better. Dr. Kirss considers a satisfied patient who has regained life and health to be the greatest recognition of his work. A surgeon’s work is an intellectual craft, Dr. Kirss believes, it requires practice, concentration and stress tolerance. In his free time, he relieves stress by long-distance running and playing the guitar. He has been playing guitar in a band created with friends for 20 years. Jaan Kirss Jr. started his medical studies in 2005 at the University of Tartu. In 2012, Jaan entered the gastrosurgery residency at Turku University in Finland, which he started at Vaasa Central Hospital. Later, Dr. Kirss at Turku University Hospital as a resident and since 2019 as a specialist in gastrosurgery. In 2019, he defended his doctorate in medical science at the University of Turku. In 2020, Dr. Kirss 3 months in Johannesburg, studying trauma surgery in one of the largest trauma centers in the world. Dr. Kirss joined the Amsel team in 2022. Dr. Kirss is focused on hernia and weight surgery. Thanks to the long time he lived and worked in Finland, Dr. Jaan Kirss speaks Finnish and Swedish and is well acquainted with Finnish medical life.



2014 – 2019 University of Turku – doctoral studies, doctor of medical sciences.
2012 – 2019 University of Turku – residency, specialty of gastroenterological surgery (gastrosurgery)/general surgery.
2005 – 2012 University of Tartu – Faculty of Medicine.


2023 – … General surgeon, Northern Estonia Regional Hospital.
2022 – … Bariatric surgeon, Bariatric Services AS.
2021 – 2022 General surgeon, Lääne-Tallinn Central Hospital.
2020 – 2021 Gastrosurgeon, Vaasa Central Hospital, Vaasa, Finland.
2020 -2020 Trauma Surgery Resident, Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2019 – 2020 Gastrosurgeon Turku University Hospital, Turku, Finland.
2017 – 2019 Gastrosurgery resident, Turku University Hospital, Turku, Finland.
2013 – 2017 Gastrosurgery resident, Vaasa Central Hospital, Vaasa, Finland.
2012 – 2013 General practitioner, Huutoniemi health center, Vaasa, Finland.
2011 – 2012 General practitioner, Sysmä health center, Sysmä, Finland.



Tallinn Society of Surgeons
Estonian Association of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Estonian Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Society
Association of Finnish Doctors
Finnish Society of Gastrosurgeons
Soome Traumakirurgide Selts
Finnish Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
European Society of Coloproctology
Estonian Association of Young Doctors


Estonian (mother tongue), Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian


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